In an increasingly interconnected world engineers have be knowledgeable and skilled in an interpersonal, intercultural and international work environment. This course will prepare engineering students for their global future. Participants will understand the dimensions of culture, the levels of communication and the complexity of international teamwork.
In synchronous and asynchronous online learning activities, the course provides direct and practical experience of cross-cultural work in global teams and a sustained reflection on the interdependencies of technology, culture and engineering practices and identities. The course is part of a collaborative project between Technische Universität Darmstadt and Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, USA. This means, students from both universities will collaboratively work on projects and engage in teams.
The course languages will be German and English. Additional languages are welcome.

Please not the different class times.

will be provided on Moodle

English on B2 level, German on C1 level

Further Grading Information
Requirements for course completion: term paper and homework on Moodle

Semester: SoSe 2021